Vitaco products are manufactured or packed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Auckland, New Zealand.

With an ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and food safety, Vitaco is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of health food and wellness products in the Asia Pacific. We specialise in the manufacture of vitamin supplements and dairy based products.

Vitaco manufacturing sites are backed with:

• Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) procedures in place and licensed by Medsafe
• Approved Risk Management and Food Safety Plans (RMP & FSP)
• Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recognised
• Informed-Choice certified site

Highest Quality Ingredients

Our products begin with the highest quality ingredients for our vitamin supplements and dairy products from New Zealand and around the globe.

All raw materials undergo a strict quality testing regime at our East Tamaki facility.

Supplement Manufacturing

The Vitaco range of supplements are manufactured in a purpose built 12,000sqm facility in East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand.

The modern dispensary includes granulation, tablet manufacturing, coating protection, hard gel encapsulation and GMP blended powders. The production line also has the capability to manufacture allergy free products including gluten free.

Supplements are then packed into blister packs or bottled in one of the high speed bottling lines.

Bar Manufacture

The Vitaco range of protein bars are manufactured in 3000sqm facility in East Tamaki, Auckland New Zealand.

The purpose built bar line includes cooking capability and in line quality control processes.

The trimless bar line process reduces the amount of food wastage. The ultrasonic guillotine effectively cuts any stick product with ease.

It also has the capability to manufacture allergy free products including gluten free.

Powder Blending

The Vitaco range of powders are produced using both ribbon and cone blender equipment. After the dry blending process, the powders are packed into tubs, buckets or sachets.


Quality Control

All Vitaco products undergo a strict Quality Control regime. Read more about our Quality Standands & Compliance here.

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