Vitaco Launches ATHENA Sports Nutrition

Vitaco is proud to launch ATHENA, a new sports nutrition brand dedicated to athletic women.

Featuring protein powders, supplements and bars, the Informed Sport Certified (excluding bars) range is unapologetically, 100% dedicated to helping female athletes achieve their next level of performance, whether they compete professionally or train to be fit and strong.

ATHENA Sports Nutrition is designed for the biological needs of women so they can push their performance. Advanced Sports Dietitian Sally Walker explains “This product range focuses on aligning the biological needs, lifestyle and training demands of female athletes to deliver unique performance nutrition support for females. The ATHENA +Factor emphasises the specific ingredients females need to feel and perform their best including iron, calcium, collagen, electrolytes and protein”.

ATHENA Sports Nutrition is set to redefine the female sports nutrition industry and the entire team at Vitaco Health is beyond excited to bring the brand to market and consumers.